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  • Renee at Cool Tool

    I got a toll free number with them and just wish I could have used my own in office phone rather than buying new equipment. Seems okay, though.

  • Bruce

    Kind of expensive no?

  • Marc

    I thin they make you buy a phone system though, don’t they? The had so many options on their site I was really confused.

  • Einhorn

    They can do anything you need. Call them up and tell them if you just want an 800 number, they can do that for you. Super nice sales people. Me recomendo!

  • James

    I’ve had Ring Central for about a year now and the service is okay. It’s voice over IP so I have to deal with stormy days here and there but it’s mostly okay. I’m off the contract now!

  • Freddie

    Not interested in a non-portable number.

  • Ken

    I feel like I see their ads everywhere.

  • Kern River Braut Co

    I think they use lots of equipment. Or send you equipment rather.

  • Michael

    Wish they’d offer a bit better pricing.

  • Joslyn J Kens

    I honestly love Ring Central! They have really been able to help me grow my business much faster than I thought I’d be able to. I’ll admit that when I started the service I was really confused as to how it worked and wasn’t very sure of myself and ability to do this “techie” stuff but they walked me through the set up and answered all my questions every time I had to call. They gave me a little ebook sort of thing to read through but it was lengthy so I kind of just relied on the reps to help me out and they were nice and helpful every time!

  • Ornish

    They are a little spendy but you pay for quality.

  • Ornish

    They are a little spendy but you pay for quality.