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  • Bernard

    Yeah, they’ve got decent pricing. Nice reps too!

  • Nicole Shot

    I can deal with a cost for a “vanity” number but I’m not sure about the usage plans. I’d want something low to start but it’s looking like that’s not offered?

  • Kiran Kahn

    I think I like the idea of vanity numbers just for the look of them.

  • Einhorn

    Freedom voice is pretty good, pretty pretty good!

  • Tracey

    A little too expensive for my blood.

  • Tracey

    A little too expensive for my blood.

  • Donna

    Are they an affiliate for someone else?

  • Gracie

    Packages seem okay but I wonder how to choose the best plan. And once I get a plan can I change it at my leisure. There’s really a lot of information out there and it’s a bit overwhelming.

  • chen

    I wish the no startup cost was for vanity numbers too

  • Natalie

    i liked freedomvoice service okay but, could their reps get pushier? every time a called.

  • Cassie Dimsell

    They’re a pain to deal with and don’t give you the whole truth when you sign up.

  • Marco

    I’ve been with FV for a few years and like their service. I have static from time to time but overall it’s a really good service. I use it for a business but it’s a small business so I only get a few different calls each month on it so I’m not using it that much but it’s good to have and I think it makes my little website look more professional. I basically fix jewelry. Like, I can size rings and re-set stones and stuff like that. And I work nationwide but those people have to mail me their jewelry and most people don’t want to do that so it’s mostly local work. And a lot of people contact me via email so I just don’t have that much traffic but FV has been there to help make me look a little better!

  • Jonney

    I think they use VoIP but service is still decent.

  • Jonney

    I think they use VoIP but service is still decent.

  • grace

    So many choices! Who do I choose!

  • Brittany

    Deals look okay but seem to change from month to month. I’d like something a little more solid.