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  • Anna

    This whole series has helped a lot! I think I’ll donload the ebook now!

  • Anna


  • Bob Donavan

    I’ve done this before! Only a few times. It’s not the business venture I want to be in ultimately but it sure did work.

  • Cassie

    I read this one first… Guess I’ll read the rest!

  • Kenneth Wrigley

    No one gives out the goods for free. If these tips are as useful as they sound, I can’t imagine what’s in the eBook. You’ve sold me!

  • Chuck Timmons
  • Edward Sabo

    Could always use a new way to make that $$$

  • Linda Smith

    Definitely doing these things!

  • Bill Q.

    Shhhh! You’re giving away all my secrets!

  • Ingrid

    Glad to know this stuff!

  • Lucinda

    Cool, never thought of this stuff!

  • Tom de Luca

    Hey, you did cover toll free flipping after all. Looks like I’ve got egg on my face.. .

  • Gary the Magnum

    When you assume you make an… you get the point.

  • Brian

    I can’t imagine doing all this but to each there own…

  • Mac

    Flip! Flip! Flipadelphia!

  • Gerald Grey

    Toll Free ‘flipper’? Like house flipping? Weird!