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  • Harriet

    I got a number with them and it did take a while to get it active 🙁 Cheap though.

  • Einhorn

    I dont know how to log into my account with them. I have had a number for years and it just bills me on my cc

  • jennifer

    called them and the phone people are a bit snappy

  • jennifer

    called them and the phone people are a bit snappy

  • Kumar

    I do like that the number can ring anywhere but the monthly fee is a little high.

  • Dante

    Cheap rates but, three weeks to get a random toll free set up?!

  • Janis

    Say what you will but they offer really low low rates. I couldn’t afford what these other companies are giving because it was just to much to start and too much monthly. I’m using a toll free for adoption. I’m not making money off my number like all the businesses out there are. It’s required of me to have a toll free number for the adoption process and I’m already paying a ton to do it in the first place so this is just an added expense. Sure, I could pay $50 a month with another provider and get the number started in a day but I chose to wait a week and pay $50 a year or less. So worth it people! Opex has been there for me and helped me!

  • adam

    I called them to ask a few questions and the rep just seemed bored. i thanked him and called back and the next rep seemed bored too.

  • Jim

    Rep there said vanity number can take two weeks to activate. Too long.