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  • Craig

    Awesome stuff guys!

  • Steven

    It’s really getting annoying, though. I don’t want to do that to people.

  • Graymen

    I like targeted advertising

  • George Junior Sr.

    I agree, you have to be specific. I personally run my own ad campaigns and it allows me to customize them as I see fit.

  • Jill Escobar

    Did you say that because of the Mad Men show?

  • Pardesh

    I fporget and think how did they know I want that!!??

  • Cody

    i luh datshow

  • Jeremy Cannon

    It’s all just analytics. It works for click-capture browsing but a real marketer is much better. Give me a call if want advice @ 844-We-Market.

    Jeremy Cannon
    Senior Marketing Analyst
    Global Marketing Professionals Worldwide

  • Hannah

    Some of this stuff is nice but it makes me wanna buy things! Kinda the point I guess.

  • Franklin Washington

    God, I hate stuff like this.

  • Kevin Song

    This is the way of the future. And it’s going to get even more efficient at targeting individual needs.