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  • Mark cred

    I just hired an actor from the internet to do my voice recordings. It was $50 for something simple. Kind of a lot but I guess I’ll have it forever.

  • Delia

    SO many companies have straight boring recordings and I feel like, I don’t wanna order from you. Get a clue

  • Gwen

    I agree. If you have it, use it right!

  • Jeremy U.

    It’s the worst when businesses use that goofy automated voice. The one that sounds like a robot. The worst!

  • Patal Journish

    Really good article – sharing on Facebook!

  • danforth

    what’s worse is using your cell for business, sounds so bad and cheap.

  • Brad Gagne

    No, what’s worse is when someone records their “professional greeting” on their personal voicemail and they are constantly stimbling over words and there’s so much background noise that you can barely hear whgat they’re dsaying!

  • Gao Jianfang

    So stupid! No small business make 9 billion dollors! Very dumb!

  • Helen

    Good article!

  • Brad Gagne

    @Gao Jianfang – It says COLLECTIVELY. That means all small businesses combined! Each small business may only lose a small portion, some losing more than others. Regardless, any lost revenue is a waste when you’re competing with huge corporations.

  • larnie reay

    i think a professional voice is a must unless you just sound amazing

  • Bryan

    I have a feeling there’s something else going on here

  • Rosalie

    Can it really be so much?

  • Irving Hamlish

    I store important voice mail messagess for up to 3 years just like I do with any important business document. It’s proved invaluable.