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  • Marc

    Was that this week?! I’ve been following your blog forever and must have missed the post. Bummer, I wanted to get one. Well, I guess I still can. Calling now!

  • Bob

    I got mine! Thank you guys for keeping me updated over the past few months and getting me such an awesome number!

  • Haha Gary

    I had “preregistered” for one, which I got, but I searched for another one today and so much was gone. I ended up just searching things I didn’t even need to see what was out there and was kinda shocked to see how much had already been taken.

  • Annie

    Doesn’t seem like a good idea to get the brand new prefix immediately…

  • William Downs

    I think it’s all about waht’s available

  • Gary?

    Hoiw are they gone so fast!!?

  • Fred

    I like 844 better than 855!

  • Maury

    I think the advanced registrations took a bunch out because so many companies were do that. So they all went so quick that way.

  • Dave Epps

    These damned companies are stealing all the good numbers!!

  • Sue

    Wow, they went fast

  • Gebel Barak

    I want 844-Call-Cab! Can you help!?

  • Tynosaurus

    @Gebel Dude, are you serious!?

  • Dan the MAN

    So what about 833???

  • Penelope

    So many toll free area codes! They’re really getting carried away.

  • SmithJones

    I’ve been searching all morning~ can’t find a lot of great options

  • Tito

    Keep an open mind and good things can be found.

  • Johnstone McKray

    Oooo 844 – I like it!