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  • Devon Williams

    I had a friend who was with centurylink way back in the day. I’m surprised they’re still around.

  • Fabiola

    Bundles are nice!

  • Einhorn

    they absorbed qwest and they cater to bigger businesses who what a full phone service system willing to pay a lot of money per month.

  • Caryn Hallborn

    I called and was told it was 99 cents a month for any amount of minutes ranging from 250 up to 10,000 and was the same cost regardless. It really didn’t make sense to me and the rep kept saying, “Just go with 10,000 so you’ll never go over!” But she also had to keep muting the phone while she asked “someone” about my questions. It really didn’t make sense and made me suspicious of the actual cost.

  • Tim Small

    That sounds shady…

  • William

    It’s hard to get info from them about 800 numbers. Regular service, fine.

  • Sophie

    Called them and they have no clue what they offer…