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  • Devon Williams

    I wasn’t happy with their customer service so I switched.

  • Chris

    It’s expensive with AT&T but the quality is good.

  • Jason Finnety

    I’m tempted to go with ATT because I already have internet and home phone with them but I’m afraid they’re gonna wanna switch me to a more expensive ‘business line’ or something. Not sure how that works with them.

  • Einhorn

    just get your service through AT&T! you know it is going to be quality. They have been in business for 100 years so they will not let you down.

  • Kathy Myers

    They’re one of the bigger ones so I trust them more than a smaller company that may try and hood wink me. Not that I’m against small business but it’s hard to know who you’re doing biz with on the internet these days.

  • ezra sheldon

    Bad customer service is definitely a deal breaker.

  • Raven

    They’re more than a specialty company though…

  • meg

    lil pricy

  • Dan C

    AT&T is expensive but I really like them. They always have good service and if it goes down, they’re right on it. I use my service for my business and I cannot afford to have downtime on my lines or internet or anything. It happens occasionally – they can’t control the weather! But every time I call, or have to call, I’m always a little PO’d but the reps are always nice enough and really do try to fix my issue. Most of the time, it’s a downed power line or a bird or balloon messing things up.

    I kinda think you can’t go wrong with a massive corporation like this because they have enough money to not worry about giving you a discount or even a free month if they mess up or you’re just not happy. And if you tell them you want to cancel, they do not want you to go so they’ll do what they have to do to keep you as a customer. I think you can use that to your advantage.

  • Donald Grimes

    I had a toll free number with them for years and I didn’t get many calls, still paid about $58 a month for it because of the “business” land line. I hadn’t gotten a call on it in a month or so so I tested it and it didn’t work!! I called ATT and they didn’t know what was happening, didn’t care, and said I should just get a new number with them. Are you kidding me? They did reimburse me for the one month but still – now I have no 800 number had to change all my ads and it’s a huge hassle. Never again ATT!