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shipping companies


USPS is your most affordable carrier for shipping letters and packages.


If you had anything shipped quickly from 1973 through the year 2000, you probably remember Federal Express, the first and premier delivery service for lighting fast shipping services. After the year 2000, FedEx was born in a marketing move that proved beneficial in our ever increasing tech society. The toll free number 1-800-GO-FEDEX has been used for decades in a further genius marketing attempt. FedEx has continually met the needs of those who require secured, timely shipments across the world. They started small but quickly grew to include a massive fleet of cars, trucks, and even their own planes. FedEx meets the need of each individual they do business with… Need it shipped overnight? Have an odd shaped package? Does it have to be hand delivered to a particular person? FedEx says, “No Problem!”

Named a top 100 company to work for by Fortune in 2013, FedEx cares deeply about their staff so much so that when the time came to downsize, they opted to cash out employees that wanted it instead of involuntarily laying them off.