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Netflix has revolutionized the way people get television and movies. It was the first of its kind; a streaming service with a strong and reliable connection that allowed users to watch what they wanted to watch, when they wanted to watch it. They currently have 81 million subscribers and have less than two decades under their belt!

Netflix was one of the driving forces behind the collapse of video stores by making it incredibly convenient for subscribers to use their internet connection to watch movies at home. They also offered DVDs for an additional fee on the monthly account which made it easy for people to switch from going to the video store or using another DVD delivery service when instantaneous streaming was also available.

Over time, Netflix proved to be a very good move and have negotiated contracts for content, eventually losing out to a few others with original content on their own paid streaming service. Netflix ended up introducing their own exclusive content that blew people away and not only took them to the next level but practically created the next level! Looks like a “Netflix and Chill” sort of night, eh?