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You may be surprised to read that Walgreens opened its first store in 1901. That’s right – over one hundred years ago! They had a bit of a slow start, taking over a decade to open a second store, but it paid off! During prohibition they were able to offer prescription whiskey and make a bundle. By 1930, their almost 400 stores were making $4mil annually. That’s a lot nowadays let alone in the 30s! The growth factor slowed quite a bit for quite some time but they got back in the game more recently; which was probably when you started to see lots of new stores pop up around the country.

Walgreens cares about health and providing the best wellness products to the public. They perceive a strong value in having a healthy, happy family – they started as a family run operation! Beyond prescriptions and the little things you need on your way home from work, they offer a variety of health related tools from bandages to crutches!

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