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Federal Express

Federal Express

If you had anything shipped quickly from 1973 through the year 2000, you probably remember Federal Express, the first and premier delivery service for lighting fast shipping services. After the year 2000, FedEx was born in a marketing move that proved beneficial in our ever increasing tech society. The toll free number 1-800-GO-FEDEX has been used for decades in a further genius marketing attempt. FedEx has continually met the needs of those who require secured, timely shipments across the world. They started small but quickly grew to include a massive fleet of cars, trucks, and even their own planes. FedEx meets the need of each individual they do business with… Need it shipped overnight? Have an odd shaped package? Does it have to be hand delivered to a particular person? FedEx says, “No Problem!”

Named a top 100 company to work for by Fortune in 2013, FedEx cares deeply about their staff so much so that when the time came to downsize, they opted to cash out employees that wanted it instead of involuntarily laying them off.

  • Merdith Briar

    I always ship Fedex! They do the best job!

  • Merdith Briar

    I always ship Fedex! They do the best job!

  • Taylor

    Normally I stick with the regular postal system but occasionally I have people order somethig that needs to be hand delivered with a signature so I trust Fedex a little more for those jobs.

  • Janis

    They do good work!

  • Tom

    Definitely the best when you want it to actually get there.

  • Davey conroy

    They cost more but it’s worth it.

  • Grays

    Always use Fedex!

  • Travers

    My company has been in the tech game since the sixties, always doing business nationwide, trying to improve on it and succeeding. I literally used Fedex in the seventies for confidential paperwork so no one would steal my ideas!

  • Janine Halt

    I use a mixture of all the different mailing services and they each have their strong points. I particularly love Fedex because of the security. I don’t know what it is but I just feel more secure using them. They’re like… The Hilton of shipping companies, haha! But seriously, I mean, I work in the music industry and we’re constantly having to get contracts out or posters/publicity to events all across the world. Sometimes we have to hand deliver something which means we have to pay someone to not let it out of their hot little hands, put them on a plane and have them specifically go. But, we now have the option to use a professional carrier through Fedex and they take responsibility for it and pretty much do the same thing but cheaper than it would be for us to pay someone and fly them their, give them a hotel, etc.

    So, I like Fedex the most of all the carriers I think. They’re really reliable and i like my contacts over there!

  • George

    I have a similar situation going on at the business I work at and we always, pretty much, use FebEx as well. They’re so reliable!