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The Toll-Free 1(800) Number Online Directory

online toll free number directory

The Toll free 800 number directory was setup to help you find a toll-free telephone number for a specific company.

We also link you to the companies website and address if available. list your business in toll free directory


If you thought you had to spend one thousand dollars or more on a quality website... Well, you're in for a nice surprise! Introducing WIX! WIX has taken the website world by storm offering incredibly low rates, mostly free, for hosting and designing your own website the way you want it designed. It's your vision.


WIX has been helping people's website dreams comes true for more then ten years. They were truly at the forefront of quality and intentional web design without making their customers go through the hoops of trying to explain what they wanted to a "web designer", aka a person in a call center trying to push the same template on every caller. If you ever dealt with that - we apologize on behalf of quality, affordable websites everywhere! WIX will get you what you want whether it's for business or personal use. They're accessible and care deeply that you're getting something you absolutely love!

Cybex Security

Cybex Security Solutions has been offering an incredible level of security since 1984 to businesses, non-profits, and regular commercial buildings in the form of the most up to date technologies. They have five star rated customer service and a remarkable vision of the future. Although they currently only serve areas in California, they've been able to grow throughout the years and are in the top fifty security companies in the nation. And that's out of thousands upon thousands!

Contact Cybex and you'll be met with friendly, knowledgeable staff that can help even the most un-tech savvy individual. All their technicians are in house and certified in order to save YOU money!

Mighty Leaf

The whole leaf. The whole flavor.

Mighty Leaf: Whole Leaf Tea, has had a swarm of interest in recent years by tea connoisseurs around the globe. If you're a tea drinker you've likely tried every tea you can get your hands on and may have noticed that whole leaf teas rule! You can imagine that when leaves are fully dried and ground small, the flavor of those is remarkably diminished from its whole leaf counterparts. When you leave the leaf intact, your tea becomes the burst of flavor you deserve!

Mighty Leaf opened shop in 1996 and have been building their tea empire ever since using only the best ingredients. Their processing method is very hands on with tea leaf experts constantly checking to make sure each batch of leaves is of the highest quality. With all that goes in to making this tea, it's no wonder everyone loves it so much!


There is no way that you haven't heard of the Bic company - they're the world's leading brand of pens, lighters, and razors and nearly everyone you've ever met has owned a Bic at some point. And not only that... Everyone loves their Bic products!

Did you know that Bic started in France? Not too long ago either; 1945! They started off with pens and over the years moved in to a few different markets including your prized lighters and even other office supplies. Companies can get amazing bulk deals on their products but they're otherwise sold to individuals at an incredibly affordable price which is one of the reasons Bic products are so well known!

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MSN Email Support

MSN is a powerhouse for many different email servers and other technically driven internet fields. If you're looking for MSN's toll free contact number for email support, you unfortunately won't find one as they do not offer a contact number at all but instead suggest that you visit this link:


You may find other websites offering MSN email support by calling but these are simply third party companies without ties to MSN - please be aware!


Think MSN should have a toll free number so you can talk to someone about your account? So do we! Contact them via their Facebook page to recommend that they get a toll free number from www.TollFreeNumber.ORG! Here's the link:

Arrowhead Mountain Spring Water

Who knew that Arrowhead Mountain Spring Water began their business in the early 1900s? They gathered their delicious water from a spring in, you native Southern Californians guessed it, the Arrowhead mountains! Nowadays they've grown large enough to acquire additional clean spring water sources. And their water is tasty! They put it through a state of the art filtration system and don't add anything funky so we can all have the purest or the pure. They deliver to your home or office at a reasonable price to make clean drinking water available to everyone!


The story of the LUSH brand is a doozy! You may know this brand of cosmetics and body care products from personal use, their major social media presence, or simply walking by one of their colorful, brightly lit stores. What you may not know if that LUSH started way back in the 80s, with just a few talented people, selling their concoctions to The Body Shop. They didn't begin with the LUSH and actually chose it from a list of customer suggestions. So how did LUSH become LUSH you ask? The Body Shop ended up offering a pricey sum of money to buy the formulas from the creator to manufacture themselves. The LUSH name was born some years later in an effort to continue to bring beautiful products to the people of the world!


Why is LUSH different than other brands? A majority of the ingredients used in the manufacturing of their products are from natural plant sources. Their products are fun and they're always coming up with new ways to keep your look and spa time exciting. The company itself has been quite the advocate for animals, the environment, and people - it's been voted one of the best companies to work for on multiple occasions!


toll free directory assistance

How-to get Toll free Directory Assistance

It’s 2015 and the phone companies expect you to use the Internet or your smartphone to look-up a needed phone number. The alternative is to call 411 where you are typically billed over a dollar per call.

You have a few options for Free assistance:

  • Call 1-800-555-1212 for toll-free telephone number lookups by name
  • Call 1-800-FREE-411 for business and government toll free lookups

800-free-411 toll free lookups


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Recent news about the Tollfreenumber Directory:, a United States based company, has recently acquired NATMAP, which is located at, an online phone number database that contains non-public information about ALL U.S. telephone numbers. NATMAP allows its users to search numbers for free, which can be very useful for those who are attempting to look up telemarketers or are experiencing harassing phone calls.

MORE NEWS: has acquired is an online search engine that was started in 2005 that allows people to look up information on toll-free numbers for free. This gives its visitors the ability to verify telemarketer phone numbers as well as view information for those who have been making harassing phone calls. Despite the fact that the actual purchase price has been kept undisclosed