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natural cosmetics


The story of the LUSH brand is a doozy! You may know this brand of cosmetics and body care products from personal use, their major social media presence, or simply walking by one of their colorful, brightly lit stores. What you may not know if that LUSH started way back in the 80s, with just a few talented people, selling their concoctions to The Body Shop. They didn’t begin with the LUSH and actually chose it from a list of customer suggestions. So how did LUSH become LUSH you ask? The Body Shop ended up offering a pricey sum of money to buy the formulas from the creator to manufacture themselves. The LUSH name was born some years later in an effort to continue to bring beautiful products to the people of the world!


Why is LUSH different than other brands? A majority of the ingredients used in the manufacturing of their products are from natural plant sources. Their products are fun and they’re always coming up with new ways to keep your look and spa time exciting. The company itself has been quite the advocate for animals, the environment, and people – it’s been voted one of the best companies to work for on multiple occasions!