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Bob Ross

Bob Ross is BIG business! He’s been around for decades and loves to teach people how to paint, most notably on his television show, “The Joy of Painting.” People tuned in from everywhere to learn to paint or just relax in front of the television to watch him do it and listen to his soothing words of encouragement.

Beginning with a blank canvas, he’d whip out an amazing nature scene in less than thirty minutes. He frequently made mistakes and called them “happy accidents”. In reality, those close to him knew him as a perfectionist who rehearsed his “happy accidents” several times before filming began. He wanted his paintings to turn out beautiful and perfect and that’s just what he did.

His legacy is that of a skilled artist, calming teacher, and a businessman who wouldn’t take no for an answer. He built his empire more and more and it continued to grow after his death; now being an important organization in the art industry, funding art programs, offering his teachings, notes, and techniques.

The Met

The Metropolitan Museum of art is one of the greatest art  galleries of all time. Thousands of visitors each day, art for sale, art on display, masterworks, sophisticated atmosphere, and accessibility make it quite the wonder!


The Met has been around since the late 1800s with a continued emphasis on keeping art alive in the world. In their large, beautiful building, they’ve displayed works by the greatest artists known throughout history as well as lesser known breakthrough artists. Ever changing exhibitions and multiple floors of works keep people coming back throughout the year. There’s always something new to see and you can’t get through the place in one day.  Tourists and locals alike love this spot for art and culture like no other!


1000 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10028

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