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  • Jackson

    Oh, that’s exciting! I’ll submit my business info!

  • Scarlette

    It’s nice that you guys are doing this for your customers. Helping out the little guy!

  • Kirk Bush

    Pretty cool. I think I know someone I can recommend.

  • Leon

    I signed up! Choose me!

  • Cate Shaw

    I make scarfs (on a loom) and they are one of a kind! Would love to be featured!

  • Georgia

    I just applied! I was really thankful when your rep Marci helped me get an *actual* 800 number. Most other companies were so intent on forcing me to buy that they didn’t even listen to/answer my questions. Astonishing.

  • Leon Grasby

    Love your guyses blog in general!

  • CrankyPants

    Oh, feature my new company, CrankPants! They’re easy to use reusable diapers for babies in cool colors and soft materials. Website coming soon I promise!

  • Arnold Howe

    Unless you feature my company I say it’s rigged!

  • Fallan

    I thought today was Thursday for some reason… I’ll check back tomorrow!

  • Patty

    How nice!

  • Mary

    Can’t wait til tomorrow to see who’s featured!

  • Ray

    I hope it’s my new business, “Hello Dolly!”