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  • Sally

    Very cool story! It’s funny how we all tend to struggle for so long not doing what we truly want with our lives and then one day we figure it out. Life works in mysterious ways!

  • Matt

    I worked in restaurants for the longest time as well. Never started my own place though, didn’t have the motivation.

  • Jamarcus Powell

    Hey I know Pima Pizza! Small world.

  • Mark Toscano

    Oh wonderful!! Thank you guys so much for featuring me! I have a small market so it’s awesome you featured my little corner of the world. Thank you!! And thank you to all the encouraging comments!

  • Taylor

    Sounds you know how to business!

  • Maxwell

    Puh-puh-puh Pima!

  • Tamara Darling

    Join the discussion @MossyLaneProducts!

  • Dave

    Of of my favorite customers!

  • John

    I searched pizza in AZ on Google and this article came up second. I don’t know how you guys managed to be above the actual restaurants.

  • Beth G

    Great stuff!!

  • anon

    Do these people get a kick back on the service??

  • Thomas R. Lee

    It’s great to see things working our for you.

  • Danny

    Oh my god, THE MEATANATOR!