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  • Gabriel

    I like all these features you guys have!

  • Damian Pulst

    I have calls to my cell and when I got a toll free number from you last week it’s been nice not waking up in the middle of the night to an east coast caller, lol!

  • Sergei Vostyonich

    Can ebe used for adult line?


    So cool!

  • Kevin Song

    @sergei I’m sure it can but you’re kind of missing the point here…

  • Meesha

    Does this work in Canada??

  • Ervine

    like having a real business, but not

  • Smithie

    It’s always after hours for me, haha!

  • Taylor Quayde

    These features would be *perfect* for this new venture I’m doing but I can’t do it now – I’ll call you guys on Friday and hopefully get this set up.