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  • Jack

    They don’t offer service in my area any more. Really wish they did!

  • Todd Alexander

    I love my TW cable internet circa ten years ago – it was only $10 a month! But, of course, they stopped offering that.

  • Einhorn

    same here pal

  • Brian

    Their reps were nice when I called but it was hard to find the info… Turned out they can’t route a toll free to a cell phone.

  • Tamara Jensen

    These guys are very similar to Verizon. I’m happy with my hi-speed internet and cable package but the cost of their toll free service is way too high.

  • Chris C.

    Hmm, not a fan of the “no package deals” part. What up with that?

  • Grant Clarkston

    I miss the old days!

  • Grant Clarkston

    I miss the old days!

  • Mattie

    I agree – it’s cheaper to go through a specialty company.