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  • Jenn

    Had no idea that you guys offered this sort of thing as well – totally gonna pick your brain!

  • Omar

    I heard about this. Kinda cool to help the little guy!

  • Blair

    Makes sense. They offer free advice but market their products. It’s a payoff.

  • Tanny

    Mircosoft did so well for awhile but then Apple blew them out of the water. They’ve gotta do something to get back on top!

  • Lindsay

    Yeah, microsoft could definitely use a sales boost with their numbers.

  • Brad Gagne

    You guys are dumb, you should be charging. I’ve been taking your advice free for years!!

  • Kahlid

    Funny, this is good service that no one else offer, for free atleast. I commend mircosoft!

  • Mitchell

    Just recently got an account started with you guys and got some good advice on marketing my number. Glad I didn’t pay someone a lot of money for the same advice!

  • Troian Robertson

    There’s some other company out there giving away free “advice” but it’s pretty much just a ploy to buy his numbers. Just because you have a toll free number that spells out ‘marketer’ does not mean you’re a marketing genius, haha. Get real!

  • Fabian

    @Troian Robertson – Haha! Yeah I’ve seen that guy too!

  • Shay

    We need this type of service in AUS. Nothing like that here!

  • Angela Fuller

    Microsoft, making a come back, lol.

  • Kenneth Reyes

    Such a cool service!

  • Gordon Ross

    I read about this on Bloomberg.

  • Dana Hargrove

    Wondering why Microsoft doesn’t do this in the US??