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Autozone is one of the largest retailers for automobile products, big and small. Tires, batteries, oil, windshield wipers, small wires, and even special order items for particular cars. Their stores have a wide range of products and car accessories perfect for anyone’s automotive needs. They started with one store in 1979, coming under fire for the original name, Auto Shack, which retailer Radio Shack was not too fond of. The name ended up changing as the store went through changes and split offs to the store we all know and love today: AutoZone!

Get in the zone… AutoZone!

That’s a catch phrase we won’t soon forget as their marketing campaign has been improved throughout their history. Since the early 2000s, AutoZone has continued its improvement of quality service and affordable auto parts, really putting them on the map as a major player in the auto industry.
  • joan

    I love that they have computers that you can use to find your parts.

  • Sophie Jensen

    I always find the employees to be super helpful!

  • David Dixon

    I’m searching Google to find the closest one to me and this pops up and gives me a location a few miles away. Quick and easy!

  • jason

    I’m in the zone, lol!

  • Casey Bubbie

    No autozone in my town so I’ll be damned if I don’t order online from them.

  • Liz

    I love that too! I’d rather pretend to know something about cars to a computer instead of a person that can “find me out”, haha!

  • Mr. Cass

    I always use Autozone. They’re cheaper then their competitors and always willing to help even if they aren’t super car experts. I mean, I’m kind of a car expert myself but I get things wrong sometimes too. I was kind of embarrassed one time I went in there because I walked in and asked where I could find a particular belt for my truck and the girl looked it up and corrected the type of belt I needed. Excuse me? Correcting me? Uh-uh! And she didn’t know off the top of her head; she saw it in the cmputer and when I told her she was mistaken she looked it up online and she WAS right. My ego got in the way but ultimately she saved me a trip from getting the wrong one so.

  • Maureen

    I get that… Maybe more so because I’m a woman that works on my own car. I used to be so nervous about telling a guy “No, that’s not the right part!” But just cause they work there doesn’t make them always right. I usually Google it before I go so I’m no genius but still.