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Verizon offers communication services across the globe: Cell service, internet, landlines, etc. They offer the world’s largest network of towers for the most reliable cell service across the board.

Verizon Communications Inc is the result of a merger between two telecommunication powerhouses: Bell Atlantic and GTE. The merger happened in the year 2000 and immediately became the nations largest telephone company in the US. Ever since, they’ve been gobbling up the competition.

Verizon is known for having the largest network available which is one of the reasons why so many people choose to have service with them. They offer their services in rural and densely populated areas, never sacrificing quality for quantity. Customer service is geared toward making the customer happy. If there’s a downed power line, chances are Verizon will know about it before you do!
  • Sandy Maple

    Best coverage!

  • jon

    Expensive but gotta love their service.

  • Renee

    Loving their new plans but bummed they got rid of unlimited data.

  • Mario Zapate

    365 days a year my cell works and doesn’t lose service. Worth it to me!

  • Nancy

    I love their coverage.

  • Nancy

    I love their coverage.

  • Kenny

    That’s the best thing about Verizon is their coverage area and knowing that when I travel or am just sitting at home my line’s gonna work fine. It’s my primary line!

  • winston

    okay, i’ve had a bunch of other cell providers over the years but they’re never good so i bounced around a lot and just finally got verizon which i’ll admit i wasn’t happy about because you get so little data for the price you pay but still i thought i’d give them a try since there’s no contracts any more and i’ll say that i was/am impressed. i get service in places where i didn’t before and that is awesome to say the least. i know they have a lot of satellites or whatever and thats how they do it but i honestly thought the coverage would be the same. i guess you get what you pay for, huh? so, to verizon, i think i might stick with you for awhile if you keep being good to me, just fyi. you do your customers right and they’ll stay with you and i think that’s the key.