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Travelocity is a huge name in the travel industry. What did people do before sites like this came along to help you with your travel bookings? You called a travel agent, the hotel you want to stay at, and the airline you want to fly… Travelocity is basically a travel agent that has access to the database of flights and hotel rooms from those companies directly – all in one convenient place. What makes Travelocity different? They offer so much more than just bookings! The site is filled with comprehensive descriptions of travel accommodations, real user reviews, and even tips on how to choose the best option for you.

Not to mention the price savings that Travelocity offers! How do they get costs lower than other online travel style agencies? They take less of a commission off your booking so you can save a little bit more. Genius right?

Oh yeah, and that gnome is pretty cute too…
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  • William Jnes

    Always use travelocity!

  • Mateo vargas

    Love ’em!

  • stephanie

    find alot of good rates for hotels but ive never used them for the car rentals. maybe i will one day

  • Tamara

    I totally book here!

  • Lons

    I book international with them because they make it so easy!

  • Mrs. Jasmine Miner

    Okay, so I was searching for a Vegas hotel, flight and car for our 5th anniversary and I searched tons and tons of travel sites for information. I was online for at least a few hours trying to lock something down because I started off Googling Vegas hotels and going to each one individually. One thing I noticed was that they were heavy on the upselling. Upgrade to a suite, upgrade your car, fly first class… Uh, I’m on a budget!

    I was obviously getting tired of that so I went to a few other places but ended up on Travelocity on accident because I wanted to see a review of a particular restaurant and in the midst of that, I noticed that they offered cheaper rates at the same hotels who’s website I’d gone directly to! So I started looking in to it more and more and they were just the best deal. Everything was easy to do online and they didn’t try to continually make me spend more money than I was prepared to.

    And we’re going in June so we made sure to stay at a place with a nice pool because I hear it gets hot hot hot in the summer!

  • bernice

    It’s been so hot lately and your review makes me want to go stay at a nice hotel with a pool, ahaha!

  • bernice

    It’s been so hot lately and your review makes me want to go stay at a nice hotel with a pool, ahaha!