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The short lived name Jomax Industries became GoDaddy in the late 90’s after founder Bob Parson’s retired years earlier from selling his software business. Unable to stay out of the game of business, Parsons decided it was time to start a new venture and eventually GoDaddy was born. In the early 2000’s, there weren’t many places out there to register your domain. In fact, there was only ONE place for a long time. Once GoDaddy was able to register domains, it was in competition with just a few other companies but it quickly became the largest within just a few years.

GoDaddy knew how to advertise and knew what and how to offer services to people. If you have a website, we’re guessing you registered your domain with GoDaddy because they ARE that good!

GoDaddy spreads the wealth by being involved in many charities and giving back to their community wholeheartedly.
  • Angela

    I used to love their commercials but I never see them anymore!

  • Angela

    I used to love their commercials but I never see them anymore!

  • Tabitha

    They;ve helped me out so much with my site!

  • Crane Junction Mechanics

    They’re helpful

  • Lynn

    I have several domains, all with GD

  • Brian

    Godaddy is really the best place to secure your domain and do the webhosting services. I’ve gotten countless domains from them and it’s always been a breeze because they’re willing to helpyou out even if you’re a newbie; which I was once upon a time. But they always made it easy and I started getting domains a long time ago so I’ve had and sold some great ones. They always helped me so now that I’m a pro I help others get domains.

    Taking the work load off them a bit I guess. I have a good head on my shoulders for it so I should probably go work for them but would do better on my own. I do do better on my own but I just wanted to thank them publicly for the past help! Thanks GD!

  • Darlene

    Happy to know your experience! Thank you for writing!

  • Linda

    I seriously LOVE their services!