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Show of hands… Who’s never used eBay? That’s what we thought! If you live in this world you’ve used eBay in some form at some point in your life. EBay continues throughout the years to be a trusted site for buying and selling goods. They allow worldwide sales and monitor closely what you can and can’t do, despite having millions of active users, making it a safe environment to do business in. eBay has continually made improvements to their business model, allowing for more and more specialized features to spurt their users into new growth. Beginning as an auction style website but soon moving in to the “buy it now” feature and allowing for actual businesses to sell at their site instead of just individuals has put them over the threshold as amazing.

eBay began in the mid 90s and, to gain media interest, publicly faked a story about trading pez dispensers as their beginning. Their growth was rapid in their first few years of business and continued ever since!

A bit of trivia: Did you know that the founder originally wanted to call eBay EchoBay but since the domain was taken, he abbreviated it to just eBay.
  • Jayden

    Ebay so easy to navigate and they’ve gotten better over the years.

  • Fran Fran

    I started a small biz on ebay and still sell stuff from time to time.

  • Renee

    There’s a lot of actual businesses using ebay now. I wish they charged them more than the little guy. Hard to keep up.

  • Ji Xuei

    I love doing my yard sales on ebay and craigslist. I kinda combine the two because sometimes I’ve a bigger items that I’m like, no way am i shipping that or it’s really delicate so i’ll just do that local.

    BUT, ebay I sell most stuff one because it’s regular clothes, books, and last week I even sell a lampshade that was kind of retro and cool (just not my style anymore). So, here’s my trick: Take picture of item and then post it and store it in your garage until someone buys it or some time you specify for yourself. For me, if like, one year passes and it doesn’t sell on ebay, i will junk it. But I post every so often and then remember where in my garage I store it so it’s a great system,

  • May

    I do the same!

  • Mike

    I use ebay just in general but there’s a lot of small stores on there now. Mostly from China. It’s okay because they’re ebay secure but still.

  • winston black

    Paypal everyday, my friends!