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Who doesn’t love Flo, from the Progressive Insurance commercials? We all do! Progressive provides some of the most sought after car insurance in the US due to those genius ads. They’ve introduced a few additional characters since but, none have fared quite as well as Flo. She seems to give you the sense that you are in fact getting the best deal for car insurance and that Progressive will treat you right if you have a problem. And they do!

Their insurance is well priced and specified for the individual’s needs.
Customer service at Progressive is always described as top of the line, giving their customers the time and attention to detail one needs to truly run a successful insurance company.
  • Shante

    I’ve had Progressive for years and they’ve never steered me wrong! See what I did there?

  • Marc Grosel

    Really like their rates and recently had to switch from a terrible ins agent.

  • Lenny

    I just switched to them and they’re way better than what I had before where when I got in an accident, not my fault, was told I was at fault because the ins rep didn’t even care to investigate! Progressive has been way more reasonable thus far.

  • meg

    That same thing happened to me at my old insurance company! It’s so infuriating too! That old insurance wasn’t cheap either. But I just switched to Progressive as well and they are so much better at customer service.

  • Shannon

    Seriously amazing rates you guys! I’ve been in several accidents and yeah, some were my fault but others weren’t. I guess you get so many accidents and your rates skyrocket or some companies even consider you uninsurable. Which, I don’t know how you can be uninsurable if you HAVE to have insurance to drive. But, anyway, I appreciate my off time but of course I had to look for coverage after I got my new car (2015 Sienna thank you very much) and it was frustrating! Couldn’t find a lot of options and this is a new car so obviously I’m going to try not to get in an accident.

    So I called Progressive and I’ll be darned if they weren’t happy to insure me AND at a reasonable rate. So for my new car I pay about $100 a month for full coverage and they expect that to go down as more time lapses between the accident records. And they were nice and happy to answer my questions!