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H&R Block

H&R Block
H&R Block

For all your tax needs… H&R Block! We’ve all got to file every year and it can get complicated. Marriage, divorce, kids, loss, gain; there’s a lot to take in to account and H&R Block employs tax experts that can help you work through the loopholes, deductions, exemptions, you name it!

Founded in 1955, starting small and building up to over 12,000 locations in 2016, H&R Block was a family business that did well from the get go and expanded as they got more in tune with the needs of their clients. Today, they service individuals as well as all ranges of business clients and even offer online tax preparations where you don’t even need to go to an office. You can do it from the convenience of your own home!
  • Chris

    Use ’em every year!

  • Desi

    They don’t charge too much and I like that!

  • Marilyn Ficclin

    I have them on retainer for my business!

  • Scott Rouwd

    There’s local branches that seem like franchises. Does anyone know if that’s the way it is? I forgot to ask my guy last time I went in but that’s what it seems like and that’s fine with me! You get more personalized service that way. I’ve been using H&RB for five or six years. I started a business and as we grew it became harder and harder to do my taxes myself and they were the right price. A lot of the independent tax guys are way too expensive, I think because they have fewer clients and no software. They do everything by hand. H&RB have a lot of great software so my taxes take less than an hour to do and only cost $175 or so. Of course I have to bring in all my receipts and deductions and i’ll tell you that’s it’s worth it to keep all that stuff organized throughout the year!

    Anyway, I just like them. I think they’re fair and they do a good job. And they’re there all year in case I have any questions through out the year.

  • Heather Jankowitz

    That’s all so good to hear! I’m looking for a new tax place for next year as I wasn’t satisfied with my accountant last time. Was debating whether or not I should give H&R Block a try and this makes me want to!