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A family owned company, Walmart has skyrocketed to fame as one of the largest retailers in the world. They’ve also been able to successfully branch out into groceries at their Super Walmart locations, which are quickly taking over!
Walmart is able to provide incredibly low prices with surprisingly great quality and service with a smile. They maintain high standards when it comes to employment opportunities. They provide some of largest employment numbers in the country, helping to put Americans who need work, to work. Unlike other companies that employ people that can’t afford to “shop where they work”, Walmart employees are offered some great benefits and are able to buck this trend in high powered business models.

Affordability is the name of the game when it comes to Walmart. They truly are the low price leader! From their regularly priced items to their sales items, you will not find a better deal. Their website now offers items from vendors across the nation so you can get exactly what you need, shipped straight to your door!
  • Noah Katz

    As much as people make fun of “Wal-Mart people” it’s a great place to shop and it’s not that bad at all. I’m PROUD to shop there! Made in the USA!

  • Harriet

    I love that they support merchandise that’s made in the US.

  • Janelle Tompson

    They have cheap stuff despite the occasional screaming kid. Who cares, I love ’em!

  • kathy

    I think they do good

  • Donald

    I love WM so much. They have everything I need so I don’t have to shop at a million different stores!

  • Geoff skars

    You have to speak to the point of not just whether you like Walmart or shop there but what it can do for us and our communities. Everyone knows Walmart is huge and that they tend to set up shop in poorer areas. Why? Because there are a lot of poorer people than richer people. Rich people don’t need Walmart. Poor people do. Bringing a Walmart in to a community statistically means more growth in that town. People outside the area travel to that area to shop.

    They employ tons of people across the country. People who would otherwise not necessarily have a job opportunities as unskilled workers. That’s prosperity. And that’s important.

  • Michael

    So true! Good points!

  • Mandy

    I honestly don’t know what I’d do without a nearby Walmart. I shop for everything there and it’s affordable.