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Synonymous with luxury, is the name Nordstrom. For fifty some years, Nordstrom (Wallin & Nordstrom) sold only shoes if you can believe it. They had just eight locations as well but were quite happy with their success thus far. They ended up merging with a clothing company and were nearly ready to give the company up until the suggestion was made to take it public in the stock exchange and eventually rename the store with its current name in the seventies.

Ever since, they have been known for their incredible quality via tip top sourcing. They get people to come back every time by carrying a variety of richly indulgent apparel as well as mid-range apparel. They’ve remained very customer service friendly and their whole motto surrounds making you happy.

  • Brandi

    You seriously cannot beat their gracious staff!

  • Kendall D Finns

    I’ve only ever had GOOD experiences at Nordstrom.

  • Cynthia Grace

    Closest Nordstrom to me is an hour away – boo!

  • Kevin Ackquin

    “Nordy’s” haha – who remembers?

  • Candace Simmons

    Best quality!

  • Anna Jorgan

    I remember my mom taking me to Nordstrom when I was a kid, maybe ten years old? It wasn’t our kind of store; we didn’t have a lot of money but she’d gotten a new job and wanted to treat herself. She bought the most beautiful dress. Knee length, shiny silver with gold stitching (it was on sale after the Christmas holidays).

    I was at her house recently and she had an old, silver Nordstrom box on the coffee table waiting for me. I opened the box and the memories came flooding back to me. The dress was in PERFECT shape for being 30+ years old. I still shop at Nordstrom’s to this day and I’m happy knowing that I’m paying for quality. And getting to think of my Mom and my’s first trip is nice too!

  • Cindy

    That was seriously the sweetest story! Brought tears to my Anna!

  • Cindy

    That was seriously the sweetest story! Brought tears to my Anna!

  • Ms. Howell

    Such a fancy store but I love that they have different departments and some are more affordable than others 🙂