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Shared Toll-Free

With our popular Shared Toll-free service you can get the LOWEST price on the Internet to get a toll-free phone number up and running.

You will get a 1-800 number +extension & voicemail box

We will instantly assign you a 1-800 area code phone number. Choose ONE (1) custom extension and when anyone dials the 1-800 number plus your extension, the call will be answered by a custom voicemail box that we provide you FREE.

  • No Surprise Bills
  • Quick Setup
  • No Contracts
  • No Identification Required
  • Pay through Paypal

This could be a very good decision for you with very little downside and practically no risk.  You are going to get something great at a very low cost.  When your friends ask you how you got your own 1-800 number, tell them about us.

How much does this cost?

$10. We do not worry you with per minute fees. We bill you through a Paypal subscription a simple $10 per month. It is so simple and so affordable that this is the lowest cost toll-free plan on the Internet.


This phone plan is perfect for:

  • Low usage
  • Small business
  • Amazon / eBay sellers
  • Temporary Usage
  • Anonymous Usage
  • New Businesses
  • Personal Usage
  • Privacy


How this service works is simple!

  • You pay us $10 /mo – Simple
  • We assign you a shared 1(800) number.
  • You choose your own extension number
  • When someone calls your 800 number, they will be prompted to dial your extension at anytime.
  • Once your extension is pressed, the call is routed to a customized voicemail box and the caller can record a message to you. The message will be emailed to you as an audio file for you to listen to.
  • You pay only $10 /mo, nothing more

*note: there is a $10 setup fee – WAIVED



Have you EVER thought about getting your own toll-free phone number? If so, then this may be your chance. We are offering you a great deal, something no other phone company offers. You can save a fortune on toll-free phone service and at the same time present your phone number to people as a professional, private and secure line for them to contact you.


To Subscribe, we will need the following information:

Choose an extension option:
Request custom extension:

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How is this so cheap?

We can save you money on this service because this is a “Shared” toll-free phone number. That means that multiple people use the same phone number and callers will only be connected to you when they input your special extension.

How long does it take to activate?

You will have your number assigned immediately and your extension will be working within 24 hours during normal business hours.

What do people hear when they call the toll-free number?

Thank you for calling. Please dial the extension you are calling for at anytime or to access a voicemail box on this system, dial the access number at anytime. This is a toll-free number automated voice system. Please dial your extension now.

What kind of extensions can I choose?

You can choose a 3 or 4 digit extension.

What are the fees?

$10 per month. That is all. No setup fees, no per minute fees, no taxes, no other fees!

Where does the call ring-to?

After a caller dials your extension, the call will ring to a customized voicemail box and the caller can listen to your recording and also have the option to leave you a voicemail or fax which will then be sent to your email address as either a WAV file or a JPG file.

Are there any fees for forwarding the call to your phone?

No, just the $10 per month.

Are there any per minute fees?

No, we do not bill you for any per minute fees. This is NOT however an unlimited service.

Does this toll-free number come with a voicemail?

It does come with a voicemail box that you can customize with your own personal greeting.

How is the billing done?

You signup through a paypal subscription and you are billed through paypal every 30 days.

How do I cancel?

Just login to your paypal account and cancel the subscription.

Can you keep /own the toll-free number?

no, once you cancel the paypal subscription you will no long be able to use the toll-free number. The toll-free number is owned by our company and we lease a portion of it to you.

What do people hear if they call your number AFTER you cancel service?

They will hear a message that says “The number you have dialed is no longer valid. Please check the number and try again.

Can you use multiple extensions?

You can. $10 includes one extension, additional extensions are discounted.