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target stores


Target Stores have been through a slurry of different names throughout it’s century old history. That’s right, they’re been around for longer than 100 years! You can tell by their intense success and obvious business platform which is offering high quality, affordable to goods to everyone out there. Where other retails like Walmart largely serve a lower income population and retailers like Nordstrom cater to a high income people, Target has targeted (pun intended) both upper, middle, and lower income clients.


And if you’ve never been inside a Target store you’re missing out! You can get everything from diapers to beautiful clothing that are both hip and affordably priced. In fact, Target is the second largest retailer in the country due to its “hip factor”. That is, they’re stylish. Furniture, hats, toys, kitchen accessories? For the style worthy individuals that are college age students and even their professors! Check a Target location near you ASAP!