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Everyone knows the Honeywell brand. We see it everywhere! But when you ask most people what they do, it ends up being a tough question! Honeywell has their hands in a lot of different cookie jars and you can associate them with a wealth of technologies, industries, and good ol’ fashion environmental protection issues. Their profits are in the tens of billions annually which not only signifies their immense global presence but is also a key factor in the amount of jobs they are able to create.

So, what do they do exactly? Honeywell “creates solutions that improve quality of life for people around the globe — generating clean, healthy energy, and using it more efficiently; increasing our safety and security; enabling people to connect, communicate, and collaborate; and equipping our customers to be even more productive. Our Great Positions in Good Industries have been a huge driver of our portfolio development and organic growth across industries, including homes and building, aviation, defense and space, oil and gas, industrial, chemicals and vehicles.” You see their name everywhere because they ARE everywhere. And we couldn’t be happier.


It’s all in a name… Like 1-800-Flowers, 1-800-Dentist has a valuable business name – a name that matches their contact number making it absolutely impossible to forget them! Their parent company, Futuredontics has been around for a long, long time. And why would you want to forget them anyway? They help millions of people find the dentist that ticks off all your boxes! Whether you want someone close by, a specialist in a particular area or offering any type of service you can think of, 1-800-Dentist can help you!


They’re whole mission statement is about matching up quality dentists to motivated patients, that is, patients that need and want to see a dentist!


Target Stores have been through a slurry of different names throughout it’s century old history. That’s right, they’re been around for longer than 100 years! You can tell by their intense success and obvious business platform which is offering high quality, affordable to goods to everyone out there. Where other retails like Walmart largely serve a lower income population and retailers like Nordstrom cater to a high income people, Target has targeted (pun intended) both upper, middle, and lower income clients.


And if you’ve never been inside a Target store you’re missing out! You can get everything from diapers to beautiful clothing that are both hip and affordably priced. In fact, Target is the second largest retailer in the country due to its “hip factor”. That is, they’re stylish. Furniture, hats, toys, kitchen accessories? For the style worthy individuals that are college age students and even their professors! Check a Target location near you ASAP!

24 Hour Express Services: Plumbing & Drain Cleaning Specialists

24 Hour Express Services is your one stop shop for all things plumbing and faster then ever; servicing the whole of southern California! They take care of everything from routine maintenance to “I’ve never had to call a plumber before”. And once you call, they’re ready to assist almost immediately and any time of day – even in the middle of the night or weekend at no extra charges – can the competition say that? Small jobs, big jobs, industrial jobs? They’ve got the equipment to make it work! And did we mention the price? Affordable beyond belief AND free estimates make this local business a perfect match for anyone.

Some services offered include regular plumbing, leak detection, water heater repair, septic system diagnostic/repair, in-home or office re-piping, kitchen and bath services, and more!

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Spring Step Shoes

“Comfort with every step” is no understatement! Spring Step really offers the highest quality, comfortable footwear that won’t wear out on you or break the bank. If you’ve ever gone looking for a shoe that was meant for problem feet you’ve probably only been able to find boring designs and limited colors. Not anymore – Spring Step has hundreds of designs that are all suited to make your feet take you everywhere you need to go with ease. They have everything from professional styles (nurses take a look!) to sturdy vegan materials and everything in between. You will not be disappointed. Happy shopping!




If you thought you had to spend one thousand dollars or more on a quality website… Well, you’re in for a nice surprise! Introducing WIX! WIX has taken the website world by storm offering incredibly low rates, mostly free, for hosting and designing your own website the way you want it designed. It’s your vision.


WIX has been helping people’s website dreams comes true for more then ten years. They were truly at the forefront of quality and intentional web design without making their customers go through the hoops of trying to explain what they wanted to a “web designer”, aka a person in a call center trying to push the same template on every caller. If you ever dealt with that – we apologize on behalf of quality, affordable websites everywhere! WIX will get you what you want whether it’s for business or personal use. They’re accessible and care deeply that you’re getting something you absolutely love!

Cybex Security

Cybex Security Solutions has been offering an incredible level of security since 1984 to businesses, non-profits, and regular commercial buildings in the form of the most up to date technologies. They have five star rated customer service and a remarkable vision of the future. Although they currently only serve areas in California, they’ve been able to grow throughout the years and are in the top fifty security companies in the nation. And that’s out of thousands upon thousands!

Contact Cybex and you’ll be met with friendly, knowledgeable staff that can help even the most un-tech savvy individual. All their technicians are in house and certified in order to save YOU money!